Welcome to ShareTheGlow.org. We are a not-for-profit 501(c)(3) organization that hosts an annual event the first Friday in June, in memory of Kara Lyn Ratliff-Lust. Our event night includes a 5k sunset run, Glow Walk, putt-putt, bouncy houses, kids runs, raffles, music, glow merchandise, food, and fellowship. ALL proceeds and donations benefit the STG Scholarship Fund. An annual Board selects a STG Scholarship recipient from Elgin High School, pursuing higher-education. Since its inception in June 2016, STG has raised more than $23,000. We are home-grown, home-run, and home-supportive. Though STG was established in memory of our dear Kara, who was an avid runner, we invite and recognize all families and friends who have lost loved ones to cancer, and who want to continue sharing their glow.